Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let the Christmas Decorating Begin!

Feather trees were the first artificial Christmas trees. Made in Germany to resemble the white pines of the German forestland, they have wide spaces between their branches that make them great for showing off Christmas ornaments -particularly vintage ornaments. Still today, goose feathers are the feather of choice for feather trees. Goose feathers are wrapped around stiff wire to become the branches of the trees. These branches are then attached to a wooden rod, the trunk of the tree. The trunk is then inserted into a stable base for support. Red or white berries (pearls on my tree) are placed at the tips of the branches.

I was feeling in the spirit today and decorated the feather tree in the bedroom. It features an array of vintage ornaments purchased at antique shows, markets and malls.

Doesn't the beaded fruit on the dresser next to the tree go well with the ornaments?

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