Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staffordshire Fakes, Phonies and Repros.

Ebay is full of Staffordshire fakes, phonies and repros. (reproductions) that dealers knowingly or unknowingly describe as "antique" or "vintage". A quick look at Ebay today found some of the following glaring misidentifications of Staffordshire wannabe's.

The above piece is described as a rare Staffordshire piece from the 1850's. It is not rare and most definitely not from the 1850's - probably fresh off the boat from China circa 2011. It does not even come close to resembling any Staffordshire dog from the 19 century and most certainly is not even a reproduction based on an original mold. In short, "Staffordshire" doesn't come more fake than this!

This pair of dogs is currently described on Ebay as "vintage" and the seller acknowledges in the descritpion that he/she doesn't know if they are genuine Staffordshire or reproductions. Well, they are fakes made to look old. Note the "paint strokes" made to look "feathery", as well as the brand new crazing. Crazing is no longer a sign of age. Forgers have figured out how to craze pieces in the factory...even how to make pieces look aged and dirty. The above dogs are vintage 2011 and also likely from China. The real dogs are pictured below and are clearly much finer, hand painted dogs.

Below is a clever pair of reproduction recumbent Staffordshire dogs. Although well made, they do not fool anyone who knows their Staffordshire. The similar (mirror image) paint strokes and dull gold collars and chain shout FAKE. Unfortunately, someone has already bid $95.00 for these dogs which is probably almost double their value. Were these genuine recumbent Staffordshire dogs they would be worth atleast $1500 and a seller would not be starting the bidding at $95.00.

Here's the real deal below!

The following figures below are other fakes, phonies and repros currently on Ebay.


  1. Thank you so much for all your information, I all most bought one of these fakes!

  2. Thank you so very much for the information! I was LUCKY to get a beautiful pair of genuine Staffordshire cats, but ALMOST bought a pair of "fake" spaniels. :-( I sure don't want any FAKE JUNK made in China. :-(( If I ask the seller for a photo of the bottom, can it STILL be a fake if it states "England", "made in England" or "Staffordshire" with a number? Just curious and wish to be VERY careful.

  3. Yes, copies have been made for over a hundred years, making them antiques in their own right..(sigh).
    Many copies from the 40's and 50's are stamped 'England' and 'Staffordshire'.

  4. Thanks Any way to send a picture to you to "check" for fake or real?

  5. Yes, There are Plenty of Fakes out there, as with Many Vintage items. But if Sellers on Etsy or Ebay indicate it is a Reproduction as I am seeing more and more in their descriptions, and if the item was made 20 plus years ago, it is Legal. Some of these pieces are quite Lovely, and are what people can afford as opposed to the Genuine Pieces. So your right people should be aware, and I am seeing that times have changed dramatically and people Selling Vintage/Antiques are doing their research too. Also,has alot to do with the Big Increase in Vintage being sold online, where Sellers are learning what's Genuine and what is a Repro. Other Sellers and Buyers report when they see these fake items, and if they show proof it's a fake, it's can be takin down, or corrected on the listing. This also has helped regulate genuine vs Fakes.