Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gramma's Carnival Glass Vases

Gramma Iris Mels, my mother's mother, was a serious carnival glass collector. She amassed a collection in the 1970's and then sold it, only to begin another collection of carnival vases. Upon her death, her collection of over 600 vases was divided between her children and grandchildren.

A grouping of green carnival vases (below) looks especially nice in the livingroom displayed on a rosewood table. Included is an ice green banana boat - a piece Eric coveted years ago when he first saw Gramma's collection.

Gramma had quite a few funeral vases. The huge vase (below) on the left was a present we gave to her one year for Christmas - a rare and reasonable cheap ($145) find at an antique show in Toronto. I can still picture Gramma clutching her chest and gasping when she unwrapped it. I received it back when she died - my name was on a slip of paper inside of it that read "THANK YOU".

The 18inch Rustic vase (above right) was made by Fenton.