Saturday, June 4, 2011

REPRO. ALERT - "Gillinder Centennial 1876 Style" Hand Vases

Unfortunately there a lot of reproduction hand vases nowadays being passed off as old - particularly on ebay. Some sellers misidentify them honestly, others not so honestly. The repro hand vase most frequently misidentified and/or passed off as antique or depression glass is the reproduction "Gillinder Centennial 1876" (below) hand vase which I have done an earlier blog entry about. Gillinder only produced a frosted version.

Today's repros, come in blue green, pink and clear colours (including what some describe as "ice" colours) and DO NOT have "Centennaial 1876" written on the cuff/base of the vase. The hand vases pictured below are all new, probably made in Asia.

The saying goes "Buyer beware". Sellers should beware as well and not list new items as old.

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